Opencast Summit 2022: Call for Proposals

The Opencast Summit (March 8th – 10th, 2022) is dedicated to the use and management of educational videos with Opencast. While the focus of the event will be on Opencast, the community seeks participation from related domains and projects.

We are therefore inviting educational designers, service providers and others working with video in academic settings to share expertise and experience across the field and explore opportunities to collaborate in related projects.


The conference committee is looking for proposals in the following tracks:

  • Opencast adopters
    • Experience in using Opencast for lecture capture/video management
    • Ideas for new features in Opencast
    • Solutions to further develop Opencast
    • Integration scenarios
  • Opencast developers
    • Presentations and meetings with a focus on technical details, likely to  see developers, system administrators, A/V-technicians and those interested in issues related to these domains.

Proposal types

There are different types of proposals for these tracks:

  • Lightning talk: 10 minutes, including 5 minutes Q&A
  • Presentation: 30 minutes, including 5-10 minutes Q&A
  • Birds of a feather (BoF): 1 hour. Suggest a topic you would like to discuss with others.
  • Workshop: Bring forward a topic you would like to introduce others to or discuss with others. Workshops should happen in the two weeks after the conference. Feel free to also propose a workshop topic you would like to attend.

Alternatively, feel free to suggest a workshop for a topic  you would like to know more about. Ideally, you can designate/suggest  someone to host, but feel free to make this a task for the program committee.


Please submit an abstract of your proposed presentation and the format you would like via the provided registration form by 22 February 2022.