Supporting Opencast

Opencast as a product and a project is advanced by individuals as well as institutions; their respective roles are outlined below.

Individuals: Contribute & Commit

All users of Opencast, even people not using Opencast, can contribute: Contribute to its translations, testing Opencast, filing bugs, helping people on list. Or taking care of the wiki, the website, and informing your respective community about Opencast, maybe even serving the Opencast board. It’s almost impossible not to contribute. Whether that makes you a contributor or a committer, is another story.

Institutions: Apereo membership

The more your institutions benefits from Opencast, the more you should be involved in the product development and the community, host an event or a server the community benefits from.

Once you are successfully providing services with Opencast, think about supporting us by joining the Apereo foundation: Membership with our umbrella organization is an “Opencast Supporting Subscription” that provides us with financial resources to strengthen the community, further develop the product or solve specific issues – funding institutions collectively decide what the membership fees should be invested in.

Membership fees are flexible towards smaller organizational units and specific contexts. If you want to find out more about the Apereo membership, please contact the board.

Opencast Sponsors

The following institutions are currently committing to the Opencast funding scheme:

Opencast Facilitators

The following institutions are supporting Opencast with infrastructure:

Commercial Sponsors

Companies relying on Opencast for their commercial offerings can sponsor the project in a variety of ways. If you would like to learn more about our sponsorship program, feel free to contact us.