The Opencast community meets online regularly. A general community meeting, called the adopters’ meeting, takes place every other month. A technical meeting is held weekly on Tuesdays to discuss current development. The German-speaking community also meets every other month. All meetings take place using BigBlueButton at meet.opencast.video. Feel free to join!

International adoptersLast Wednesday of every odd month3pm UTC
German-speaking adoptersLast Wednesday of every even month3pm Europe/Berlin
TechnicalEvery Tuesday3:15pm UTC
Moodle plugin usersEvery first Wednesday of the month3pm Europe/Berlin
ILIAS plugin usersEvery second Wednesday of the month4pm Europe/Berlin
Room 1, password: welcome

The agenda for each meeting will be sent out beforehand to the relevant mailing list.


A Google-hosted community calendar is maintained to keep track of all Opencast community events. An iCal link is also available.