Opencast can be integrated into learning management systems, video conferencing system as well as web analytics applications.

learning management systems

Various learning management systems (LMS) directly connected to Opencast. See the following overview.

LMSIntegration type
BrightspaceUser provider
CanvasUser provider
SakaiUser provider
User providers provide the LMS roles in Opencast, while plugins offer Opencast functionally within the LMS. Opencast can be connected to any LMS that supports learning tools interoperability (LTI). If you would like to develop another integration for a PHP-based system, you can use the PHP library for Opencast.

video conferencing

Video conferencing tools can be configured to directly process recordings from video conferencing software. This is possible using Big Blue Button and Zoom.


Opencast can be connected to the web analytics application Matomo.

content management systems

Opencast can be used in combination with the content management system WordPress.


Opencast comes with a metrics endpoint that supports the OpenMetrics format and can be used by tools like Prometheus.