The main form of communication within the Opencast community is its mailing lists. For occasional chat there also is a Matrix room.

Mailing lists

The Opencast mailing lists are hosted using Google Groups. This enables anonymous reading, but posting requires a Google account. Unless otherwise stated, the language used on the list is English.

Mailing listsDescription
security-notices@opencast.orgSecurity announcements (low frequency)
announcements@opencast.orgCommunity announcements (low frequency)
users@opencast.orgUsers list (adopters)
dev@opencast.orgDevelopers list (technical)
anwender@opencast.orgGerman-speaking community list
moodle-opencast@opencast.orgOpencast/Moodle integration list

You can subscribe to each list via Google Groups (linked in the table above) or by sending a mail to [list] (e.g.


For around-the-clock, real-time assistance by both users and developers, we use the Matrix chat system. We use the room #opencast-community on Feel free to join using your favorite Matrix client. A web client is available at To be able to join you will need a Matrix account, either on or on another Matrix home server of your choice.