Opencast offers a rich set of features to support educators, learners, video-operators and administrators.

  • Produce

    Screenshot of the source selection in Opencast Studio.

    Schedule and capture
    Automatic recordings can be scheduled using the admin interface once a capture agent has been added.

    Record online
    Opencast includes an online recording tool called Opencast Studio. It can be used to record videos directly in the user’s browser. Feel free to try Opencast Studio right now, without even installing Opencast.

    Videos can be uploaded to Opencast directly in the admin interface or from within various plugins for learning management systems.

  • Manage

    Screenshot of the administrative interface of Opencast.

    Using the integrated video editor you can edit the ingested videos. The editor lets you edit multiple streams simultaneously.

    Opencast workflow definitions are highly configurable. From branding, to thumbnails, to detailed encoding settings, most common video edits are accessible out of the box.

    Rights management
    Fine grained viewing and editing permissions are built in, and can be adjusted easily in the admin interface.

  • Distribute

    Screenshot of Paella Player playing two videos at the same time.

    By default Opencast uses the Paella Player. The Paella Player is a modern video player capable of playing multiple streams at the same time. This player was designed for the playback of lecture recordings.

    Opencast can be connected to various learning management systems so that students can access videos directly from within the learning management system.