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Opencast is a flexible, reliable, and scalable open-source video-capture, -management, and -distribution system for academic institutions, built by a community of developers from leading universities and organizations worldwide.

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Opencast Summit 2022: Call for Proposals

The Opencast Summit is dedicated to the use and management of educational videos with Opencast. While the focus of the event will be on Opencast, the community seeks participation from related domains and projects. We are therefore inviting educational designers, service providers and others working with video in academic settings to share expertise and experience … Continue reading Opencast Summit 2022: Call for Proposals

Opencast 10.9

Opencast 10.9 has been released 🎉 This release is a bugfix release, with the notable exception of #3305 which updates our logging system yet again. For more information, please take a look at the admin guides on Release notes Changelog

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