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Opencast is a flexible, reliable, and scalable open-source video-capture, -management, and -distribution system for academic institutions, built by a community of developers from leading universities and organizations worldwide.

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Opencast D/A/CH Meeting 2022: Program

The following article is in German, as it is about the German-speaking community meeting in Osnabrück from July 11th to 13th. Vom 11. bis 13. Juli findet in Osnabrück das deutschsprachigen Opencast Community Treffen statt. Hier findet ihr das vorläufige Programm. Eine Beschreibung des Veranstaltungsorts, sowie Unterkünfte und Wegbeschreibungen findet ihr in der Ankündigung der … Continue reading Opencast D/A/CH Meeting 2022: Program

2022/2023 Roadmap

Following the 2022 Opencast summit, the Board followed up on a number of projects, efforts, and plans institutions and individuals presented to integrate them into a roadmap we would like to share with the community. One major completion of the Opencast ecosystem will be Tobira, the Opencast video portal. Not only because it’s going to … Continue reading 2022/2023 Roadmap

Opencast 12.0

Hi everyone,it is my pleasure to announce that Opencast 12.0 has been released: The documentation for this release can be found at: Please make sure to read and follow the upgrade guide carefully when upgrading from an older major version to Opencast 12. RPM and Debian packages as well as Docker images will … Continue reading Opencast 12.0

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