Opencast Summit 2022: Save The Date

The Opencast Summit 2022 will take place from March 8-10, 2022. Due to the current situation, the Summit will take place online. The event will be hosted by Osnabrück University.

Sessions will start at 12pm UTC every day and end at about 4pm UTC, depending on how many sessions will be submitted.

We invite newcomers a day early to an Introduction to Opencast workshop at 12pm UTC on March 7, 2022.

Following the Summit, there will be a number of workshops to take an in-depth look at some topics of particular interest to the community. Workshops can be submitted by anyone. If you are interested in a topic but cannot host it yourself, you can also request a workshop. At the Summit a planning session will be held during which the workshop hosts shortly present what their workshop is about, and we can decide when to schedule the workshop.

There will be another post shorty with the call for proposals.

The conference schedule is live:

Opencast Summit 2022