Opencast 11.9

Hello everyone, with a new month, a new minor release of Opencast 11 has been released

On this new monthly release, we have the pleasure to bring new bug fixes and improvements, featuring the bug fix for the admin-ui when two series of the same name have an ID with less than 7 characters, the index service download service fix, and, for improvements, we have new parameters to set the event’s title and start date and time for the duplicate event workflow operation.

The complete changelog and release notes for this release can be found at:

RPM and Debian packages as well as Docker images will be available soon. Watch for announcements on the user’s list.

To all committers and involved contributors, thank you for all your work. This could not have happened without you, and I am glad we were able to work together and get this release out.

Opencast 11 Release Managers
Max and Jonathan