Opencast 11.7

Hi everyone,
it is my pleasure to announce that Opencast 11.7 has been released

This version come with various bug fixes and improvements, some of them are,

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixes the issue that users can pass URLs from other tenants to the ingest service, which will check only against the other organization but not against the one currently active. This allows users to easily ingest media from other tenants.
  • Fix missing tags when encoding multiple qualities with the encode WOH
  • Fix metadata not being shown in editor.


  • Now it is possible to edit Metadata within the editor
  • Make creation of default external API group configurable
  • Check if user can be loaded before starting a workflow

The documentation and full changelog for this release can be found at:

RPM and Debian packages as well as Docker images will be available soon. Watch for announcements on the user’s list.

To all committers and involved contributors, thank you for all your work. This could not have happened without you, and we are glad we were able to work together and get this release out.

Max and Jonathan.