Opencast 11.6

It is my pleasure to announce that Opencast 11.6 has been released:

This new release comes with new fixes and features, the most important are:


  • Fixes Vosk module.
  • Stalling boot of services due to workflows definitions failed to load.
  • userdirectory-brightspace module works again with the latest version of Brightspace API.


  • Update editor studio to their latest release.
  • The Google Speech Transcription Service now offers options to enable punctuations for transcription and to choose the transcription model to use.
  • Paella is updated to version 6.5.6, bringing back the fixes that were lost due to the rollback to 6.4.4 from the previous version.
  • Added configuration option to control if events without series are added to an auto generated CA series during ingest.

To look in more detail, the changes we invite you to look the changelog.

RPM and Debian packages as well as Docker images will be available soon. Watch for announcements on the users list.

To all committers and involved contributors, thank you for all your work. This could not have happened without you, and we are glad we were able to work together and get this release out.

Opencast 11 Release Managers

Jonathan and Max