Opencast 11.5

Hi everyone,

It is my pleasure to announce that Opencast 11.5 has been released:

This new release comes with several fixes and new features, the most important are:

Bug Fixes

  • Downgrades Paella from 6.5.5 to 6.4.4 to fix HLS videos not loading on slow connections.
  • Additional fixes concern issues with the admin UI configuration.
  • Exceptions when signing publication URLs.
  • Problems in the Admin UI when creating a series with an empty file.
  • Issues with Safari when using the editor.

New features, updates

  • New password strenght indicator
  • Stand-Alone editor updated to version 2022-03-22
  • New configurations options for ElasticSearch have been added.
  • Traditional chinese translations are back.

To look in more detail, the changes we invite you to look the changelog.

RPM and Debian packages as well as Docker images will be available soon. Watch for announcements on the users list.

To all committers and involved contributors, thank you for all your work. This could not have happened without you, and we are glad we were able to work together and get this release out.

Opencast 11 Release Managers

Jonathan and Max