New Opencast summit schedule

As a result of the Opencast Summit 2020 the board started to evaluate if the current schedule and format of the Opencast Summits still fits the adopters’ needs. As part of that a survey was conducted. Based on results and on further discussions in the community schedule and format of the Opencast Summits have been adjusted.

The need schedule is:

  • Opencast Summit, an international conference at the end of March, three days in person. For the community to meet and talk, sit together, work together, discuss things. Plus, there will be workshops and hackathons. As little talks as we can.
  • DACH Meeting of the German-speaking community, end of August, 2 days in person. Same as the Opencast summit. Aber auf Deutsch.
  • Opencast Online Summit, beginning of December, three or four half-days. Talks, talks, talks. And a few other formats that work online.

We will start with the new schedule in 2022. So the next event for the Opencast community will be the Opencast Summit in March 2022. However, based on the further development of the pandemic, it has yet to be decided if the Summit can take place in person, or will take place online again.