Tobira v1.0 released, the new Opencast Video Portal

We are very happy to finally announce the first release of Tobira, the Opencast video portal!

Tobira aims to be a pleasant interface through which users interact with your Opencast content. It lets you present videos and series in a customizable, hierarchical page structure, but also makes it easy for users to search through all media. Additionally, it offers tools to upload, manage videos, and more.

Start page of Tobira showing a header (logo, search bar, login button), a side navigation and a main area. The main content area shows two series with a few videos each, some of which are live.
Start page of Tobira

It’s possible to connect Tobira to virtually any authentication system and integrate it into your university’s/organization’s infrastructure. The logo and the colors are also customizable (to some degree) so that you can get close to your organization’s CI/CD.

It runs as its own web application and is designed to still function when Opencast is unreachable (as long as the static files, e.g. videos, are still being delivered). It constantly synchronizes data with Opencast. In order to do that, Opencast must have the Tobira module loaded. Currently, that module is still developed in its own fork of Opencast, but we hope to bring it into the community version soon.

While there is still a long way to go to fully meet our ambitions and goals regarding Tobira, we now think that it is already useful. Starting with v1.0, we provide an easy upgrade path from one version to the next. In particular, we promise not to break your database, which we think you will appreciate! For more information on all this, please read our versioning policy documentation.

  • The Tobira video uploader, prompting the user to select a video file to upload
  • The Tobira video uploader, currently uploading a video and showing two fields to insert metadata (title and description)

To find out more, please checkout the README file and the docs/ folder. That documentation should contain all information you need to setup your own Tobira.

Tobira is developed by ELAN e.V., with the majority of the funding provided by the ETH Zürich, and additional funding coming from Bern University.