2022/2023 Roadmap

Following the 2022 Opencast summit, the Board followed up on a number of projects, efforts, and plans institutions and individuals presented to integrate them into a roadmap we would like to share with the community.

One major completion of the Opencast ecosystem will be Tobira, the Opencast video portal. Not only because it’s going to become the default distribution/publication channel for Opencast, but because it brings together a number of features end users can use in one place: They will be able to upload videos, produce them with Opencast Studio, share and manage their assets, and edit videos, their metadata, and the subtitles that can be created automatically. Talking of which: With Microsoft Azure, there will be yet another provider you can use for this in Opencast.

With respect to accessibility, all of these tools (Studio, Editor, Paella Player) as well as Tobira itself will vetted for WCAG 2.1 for end users. All of these components will also see design improvements with a UX/UI designer working towards a consistent look&feel.

End users will also benefit from work underway towards high availability: Less downtime when upgrading, higher performance levels, and resilience to failures. Related, efforts are being made to increase the number of automatic tests for developing and building Opencast.

Finally, a dedicated effort will be made to increase security and make sure Opencast meets institutional requirements in this field.

The board is happy to see (and will continue to make) these efforts come together over the next 12-18 months. Feel free to contact us for questions or comments or if you would like to have your efforts towards Opencast featured in the roadmap. Obviously, contributions to the work underway are appreciated, be that in development, testing, or documentation.

Some specific new features we expect:

  • New video portal
  • New admin interface
  • Subtitle editor
  • Dark mode in Studio and Editor
  • Azure Transcription integration
  • Plug-in system
  • High-available presentation node