Lecturer Tracking

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LectureSight is a free and open-source tracking tool that allows to steer a pan-tilt camera based on data gathered by a separate webcam. The aim of this project is to offer a more vivid video of the lecture and show more details of what is going on in the classroom. This will enable an automated recording of a lecture that uses the blackboard, i.e.

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Modern cameras can capture up to 4K resultion. This offers more detail than most current displays can show. Track4K analyses the high-res video and crops videos based on the actions within the video. There is also an interactive mode for the Paella player that automatically zooms in but allows the user to change the viewing area manually.

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Galicaster is a capture software that works together with Opencast. Additional to recording devices with Galicaster that can be purchased from Teltek, it is available for download for non-commercial usage.

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PyCA is a fully functional Opencast capture agent written in Python. It is free software, licensed under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License.

PyCA can be run on almost any kind of devices: A regular PC equipped with capture cards, a server to capture network streams, small boards or embedded devices like Raspberry Pi, Beagleboard, …

PyCA on Github

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TheRec is a free and open-source recording software for Windows 7+. Currently TheRec does not offer all features that a regular capture agent provides, as it does not support scheduling and uploading from Opencast. For an automated upload it relies on MHRI. Unlike other recording tools TheRec is easy to install and to configure. It supports a wide variety of capture cards that are compatible with Microsoft DirectShow. The number of simultaneous streams that can be recorded is only limited by the speed of the computer.

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Galicaster Dashboard

The Galicaster Dashboard is designed to monitor Capture Agents, especially Galicaster Capture Agents. The Tool gives you an overview of your recording devices, with their current status and a preview of the signals that the agent is currently recording.

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Opencast Annotation Tool

The Opencast Annotation Tool is a free and open-source annotation tool. The aim of this software is to provide teachers and learners with an easy to use tool to annotate videos.

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Opencast Stream Security Plugins

Opencast supports URL signing to provide additional protection of resources against unauthorised access. While the Opencast core provides both facilities to sign URLs and verify signed URLs, additional efforts are required in setups that take advantage of dedicated download and/or streaming servers. Such dedicated distribution servers need to be capable to at least verify signed URLs to offer the same level of protection for distribution artefacts they are providing access to.

Currently, there are two Opencast Stream Security plugins available: