Digital Conference 2020

The german-speaking community meeting will be an online event from September 7th to 11th 2020. There will be daily conferences for 2-3 hours on various subjects.

Opencast D/A/CH Meeting website


Opencast has online meetings and webinars on a regular basis. Announcements of webinars will usually happen on list but will also be added to the community calendar.

If you are interested in a specific topic, feel free to ask for a webinar on list. Particularly as part of the adopters meeting, request will often be honored.

The sessions are recorded. The availability of recordings is announced on list soon after the events, but they can also eventually be found in the recordings archive at ETH:

Past Events

2020 Opencast summit: Thanks to Ghent University for hosting the 2020 Opencast Summit. Recordings are online in the Opencast video archive.

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Conferences and Workshops

There is one major annual meeting, the Opencast Summit. While this used to be an unconference with an open agenda, we are trying to mix planned sessions with open slots these days, based on feedback we got from the community. Usually, there will be a call for participation to the community with a selection of presentations submitted (if necessary) so that a programme is set a couple of weeks before the event. To maintain the “unconference style” there will be empty slots for ad hoc sessions or open discussions. Besides the presentation slot(s) we usually organize a vendor showcase for the latest capture agent technology and service provider offerings.

Plus, there are regional Opencast meetings. The German-speaking community for example meets once or twice a year for a workshop.

Last but not least, there is the annual Open Apereo Conference, with members of the Opencast Community joining and – ideally – presenting or organizing seminars and workshops to inform the larger Apereo community about Opencast.

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Conference Recordings

There are recordings from the annual Opencast Summit since 2012 in the video archive of the ETH Zürich. You can find many interesting talks on the development of Opencast, user-stories from adopting institutions and many other topics here.

Frequent Meetings

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Frequent Webmeetings

Best entry point to the community probably is our Adopters’ meeting on the last Wednesday of each uneven month. The meeting is at 3pm UTC at (password: welcome). An agenda for this meeting is usually announced a few days before the meeting on the mailing-lists.

There is also a german-speaking Adopters’ meeting on the last Wednesday of every even month (February, April, June, August, October). The meeting is at 15:00 CEST at (password: welcome). An agenda for this meeting is usually announced a few days before the meeting on the german-speaking mailing-lists.

There is also a weekly technical meeting for developers and sysops on Tuesdays at 3pm UTC on (password: welcome). An agenda is also announced before the meeting on the developers’ mailing-lists.

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