For everybody who is interested in contributing to Opencast, or adopting it to the local needs we are offering a developer workshop. The admission is free!

The workshop’s target attendees are software developers with some knowledge of Java, XML, HTML, and Javascript. Knowledge of shell-scripts and Python is welcome but not required. Attendees should have some knowledge about the setup and usage of Opencast.

The workshop will cover:

Depending on the workshop’s progress, we might use the last workshop day for a dev-camp.

The workshop will be given by Lars Kiesow, Rüdiger Rolf and other developers from the ELAN e.V. The number of participants to the event will be limited to 12. The participants will be accepted in the order of their registration.

The admission to the event is free. Meals are not included. If you notice that you cannot attend after the registration, please contact us so that someone else can get your spot.

If you have further questions please contact us.

Register here!